School Social Workers

In a proactive approach to fostering a supportive and nurturing learning environment, the Niles City School District is utilizing more than $140,000.00 awarded in grant funds to hire two, full-time social workers to assist our students. The district recognizes the importance of addressing students' overall well-being, and is pleased to be going beyond academics to provide essential emotional and psychological support. District social workers will play a pivotal role in identifying and assisting students facing various challenges, such as mental health issues, family dynamics, and socio-economic hardships. By utilizing grant money to enhance the availability of social services within the school system, the district is demonstrating a commitment to fostering students' personal growth and success while ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and resilient educational community.

School Social Workers work with the student, their families, school staff, and community to provide support services and reduce barriers that may impact the student’s overall school experience and educational experience. Referrals for social work evaluation are made by district educators and administrators, or can be requested by families by emailing or calling our social workers.

Focus Areas

  • Social Skills 
  • Coping Strategies 
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Setting Boundaries 
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Life Adjustments 
  • Attendance 
  • Life Skills

Grant Information

Title I Non-Competitive Supplemental School Improvement Funds Grant ($43,000.00)
  • Grant received as a result of Niles McKinley High School being identified as a Targeted Support and Improvement school based on Gap scores on the Ohio State Tests.
  • Administrators have worked with the Ohio Department of Education to develop their One Plan, which identifies improved attendance and graduation rates as target goals.
  • District Social Workers will work to improve attendance and graduation rates, while providing necessary social/emotional supports to students.

Stronger Connections Grant ($99,000.00)
  • Grant dollars are received based on the district's state reported data relative to poverty, chronic absenteeism, and exclusionary discipline.
  • The district worked closely with State Support Team 5 (SST5) and Project Evident to identify and prioritize the most critical need, which is improved attendance.
  • District Social Workers will provide targeted interventions for students to improve attendance and assist families with resources needed. 
  • In addition, this grant will also allow Social Workers to provide school-based health and mental services as well as trauma-informed classroom management, prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other substance abuse, prevention of bullying and harassment, dropout prevention, threat assessment, and addressing both HB 123 (Save Students Act) and SB 288 (Erin's law.)

School Social Worker Responsibilities

  • Support social emotional development and learning within the school environment
  • Promote Family engagement
  • Facilitate linkage of family and school
  • Connect students and families with community resources
  • Identify barriers to school performance and attendance and work with student, school staff, and family to provide support and assist with identified barriers
  • Promote a positive school culture


Ms. Raffaela Infante            
PreK-Grade 5
P: 330-989-5091
Intermediate School
P: 330-989-5093 ext. 3109

Mrs. Amanda Mancino            
Grades 6-12
Email: [email protected] 
Middle School
P: 330-652-5656 ext. 2116
High School
P: 330-652-9968 ext. 5086

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