School Resource Officers

The purpose of the District’s School Resource Officer Program is to promote safe, orderly and secure learning environments for students through the activities of law enforcement, fostering a positive school climate, and education.  The duties of the School Resource Officer (SRO) are primarily to promote school safety during the school day, to conduct law enforcement activities, to deliver education and collaboration with students and staff, to serve as a positive role model, and to assist in crime prevention and safety consulting.  All duties shall be consistent with Federal and State laws, regulations, and police department policies and procedures.  The role of the SRO is not to enforce discipline or punish students for violations of the student code of conduct, nor will an SRO be assigned to perform any educational duties in lieu of a certified educator.  

Meet Our Resource Officers

Officer Steve Corll

Police Officer
Officer Steve Corll is our SRO at both Niles Middle and Primary schools during the school year. He has been a sworn law enforcement officer since 2009 working for the Mahoning County Sheriff's Department, various schools, and the Niles City Police Department before coming to our district. Prior to law enforcement, Officer Corll served overseas with the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He says his experiences have led him to develop a passion for this special type of policing. 

"I have 4 children of my own, and fully understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our kids. Rest assured, I will assist the school administration however possible to help ensure this goal is met. Throughout the year, your children will likely see me on a regular basis. As a School Resource Officer, I may be utilized in many different roles. Mentoring students to keep them out of trouble, presenting on special topics, and simply being a positive role model, are all routine duties I will have. However, please be advised that first and foremost I’m a police officer. The most important duty of all, and one that will never deviate, is to help keep our schools safe. When appropriate, I will enforce the laws of both Niles City and The State of Ohio." - Steve Corll, Niles City Schools SRO

Officer Tyce Gall

Officer Tyce GallOfficer Tyce Gall officially joined the Niles City School District at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. He has been a Niles City Police Officer since 2019 and now patrols the halls at McKinley High and Niles Intermediate. Officer Gall says he enjoys interacting with students and staff during the day, assisting SMASH Club students with projects, and hopes his presence helps build positive relationships.

"Having interactions with students in school is more positive than out on the road. Some kids are scared of the police, when in reality we are there to help them. Hopefully with me being around students will feel more comfortable approaching us, more comfortable having conversations with us, things of that nature. It is extremely rewarding to see students become successful in school by adopting positive attitudes, getting involved, and making responsible choices." - Officer Tyce Gall
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