Student Wellness and Success

The concept of enhancing student wellness and success within our schools is crucial as those factors directly impact academic performance, emotional resilience, and overall development. A focus on wellness creates a supportive environment that nurtures physical health, mental well-being, and social skills, enabling students to thrive both academically and personally. Promoting wellness through programs, counseling, and healthy practices helps students manage stress, build positive relationships, and develop lifelong habits. Ultimately, prioritizing student wellness lays the foundation for a healthier, more productive future generation.

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (ODEW) provides school districts and schools with Student Wellness and Success Funds and Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid to implement initiatives that support wraparound services for students. Wraparound services are programs and supports meant to build skills and fulfill a student or familial need. During the 2023-24 school year, the Niles City School District spent its allocated funds and aid on community mental health partnerships, wellness employee salaries and benefits, and multiple new mental, physical, social, and educational initiatives.

A district-wide Wellness Committee, consisting of the district Superintendent, Social Workers, Administrative team, Food Service Director, community members, Nurse, and School Resource Officers, meets periodically to create, evaluate, and revise the district's Wellness and Success Plan. The Committee is committed to focusing on at-risk and other vulnerable student populations to promote well rounded education for all learners of the district. Additional information on services provided can be found below.


Educational Services

Niles City School District teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, and administrators work collaboratively to seek out and provide alternative educational programming for at-risk students. These alternative pathways are listed below.

Career-based Intervention
The Career-based Intervention program is an Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (ODEW) career-technical education program designed for select students who have barriers to achieving academic and career success. In addition to their high school classes, students in the CBI program also work regular jobs within the community. Many Niles McKinley High School students credit the program with motivating them to graduate high school and obtain employment. 

Education Extension (Pre-Apprenticeship Program)
Through the Trumbull County Educational Service Center's Education Extension Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship program, students gain hands-on experience in the building trades using the Career Connections curriculum. The program is recognized by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council (OSAC) and falls under the Apprenticeship and Journeyman career fields on the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program list sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education. Click here for additional information.

Family and Community Involvement

In an effort to enhance the relationship between the school and our families and the community at large, throughout the course of the school year, each building within the district hosts a variety of engagement events. These events include Title 1 nights, Dragon Day, the NMS Harvest Dinner, NIS Fall Festival, school carnivals, art shows, and music concerts.

Mental Health Services

The Niles City School District partners with various local mental health service providers, including Cadence Care, the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, and LearnWell, to provide resources and services to students and families. In addition, the district also employs three school guidance counselors, two psychologists, and two licensed social workers. Together, we are able to identify and provide evidence-based services to those who would benefit from them.

Physical Health Services

The Niles City School District employs one Registered Nurse (RN), two Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and one aide to promote and maintain the health and safety of the school community. This group of certified professionals serve as a vital link between healthcare providers, parents, and the educational institution, ensuring that students receive the necessary medical care and support during their time at school. 

Throughout the year the district provides vision and hearing screenings to students and offers families opportunities to participate in the Vision to Learn and School-Based Dental Sealant programs.

Social and Emotional Health

The district recognizes the importance of addressing students' overall well-being, and is pleased to be going beyond academics to provide essential emotional and psychological support. With the help of funding provided by the ODEW, Niles City Schools employs two social workers. School Social Workers work with the student, their families, school staff, and community to provide support services and reduce barriers that may impact the student’s overall school experience and educational experience. 

We are proud to work with many local organizations, including, Niles Community Services, Second Harvest, Grace Church, and Erika's Lighthouse, to provide services and supports to families needing assistance. 


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