All records maintained by Niles City Schools are available for public inspection and/or copying in accordance with State law.  Per the Niles Board of Education's Policy #8310A, you are entitled to access public records, under reasonable conditions, and to copies of those records upon payment of the fees associated with those records. To view the entire policy, please click the following link, that will take you to our Board Policy. To find this particular section of our policy, enter 8310A in the search box. 
Specific information may be needed to process your request. We may require additional information to determine if disclosure would violate certain provisions of law. State law does not require the district to provide additional information that may be related to a record but is not part of a record. In addition, the District is not required to create a new record to respond to a public records request for information if no public record is available that is reponsive to the request, or to respond to requests for information when the information request is not contained in a public record. Some records may be confidential and not subject to disclosure.
How to Submit a Public Records Request 
Complete a Public Records Request Form, being sure to fill in all areas of information
  • Download a Public Records Request Form using the link under FORMS in the right margin of this page
  • Pick up a Public Records Request Form in our Board of Education office located at 309 N Rhodes Avenue 
 Submit your Public Records Request Form
  • Submit in person by dropping off your form at our Board of Education office located at 309 N Rhodes Avenue
  • Submit via email to [email protected] (Note the Subject of your email should be Public Records Request and your first and last name)
  • Submit via U.S. Mail to Niles City Schools, 309 N Rhodes Avenue, Niles OH 44446, Attn: Records Request

How Niles City Schools will Respond to your Public Records Request


  • Once your request is received by our District Records Office, you will receive an Acknowledgement from their office that will state the estimated number of business days necessary to process the request, the estimated fees, items that may be exempt from disclosure with the reason for such an exemption, and the method by which records will be delivered

 Processing Your Request

  • You will be contacted by our District Records Officer, per the contact method you indicated on your form, if additional information is needed to clarify your request
  • You will be contacted if the information you requested is denied, confidential, not subject to disclosure, or not available
  • You will be contacted when your request is ready and will be given the cost of the fees for the information requested


You will receive your request per the method of receipt you indicated on your request form, which will be by picking them up at our office, by email or by U.S. mail.

Hours of Inspection 

Requested Public Records must be inspected at the Niles Board of Education located at 309 N Rhodes Avenue on Monday through Friday during normal business hours, which are 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, excluding District holidays and other dates the office may be closed. You may visit the Board of Education's page of our website to view our Calendar, by clicking the following link:


  • The charge for paper copies is 10 cents per page
  • The charge for downloaded computer filed to a compact disc is $1.00 per disc
  • The actual cost of mailing supplies and postage
  • Payments must be made in cash only 
  • There is no charge for documents sent via email 
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