New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment

NEW Student Enrollment on FinalForms

Our Central Registration Office has CHANGED the system we are using for new student enrollment from OneView to FinalForms. If you created a Parent Account in OneView to register a child in the past, you will no longer be able to access that system and will need a FinalForms Parent Account to register your child.

Getting Started
Click on the following document to open instructions regarding how to create your parent account and register your student: Parent Playbook-New Student.pdf

Create your FinalForms Parent Account
Click the following link to open the parent portal

Click the blue NEW ACCOUNT button (as shown below) to begin creating your account
You MAY already have a FinalForms account that you used to submit online forms for academics or athletics at the High School or Middle School; if so, you should register your NEW student by clicking the blue ADD STUDENT button that is available when you log into your FinalForms Parent Account

Complete the following steps to register your child:

1. Add your Student
Click the blue ADD STUDENT button (as shown below) to begin registering your child
Note: Student's Legal Name must be full name as shown on child's birth certificate
2. Complete ALL Required Forms
Once you click UPDATE STUDENT in your account you will see a list of student forms in the left hand margin of your page
Each form must include Parent/Guardian Signature and be submitted by clicking the blue SUBMIT FORM button at the bottom of each form's page (as shown below). Once completed, the form will change from pink to green. If you do not sign and submit, the information on the form you entered will be lost and you will have to start over.
3. Provide Required Documentation

Click the Manage Documents button in your account (as shown below) to upload your child's required documents OR contact us at the number listed in Option 4 to schedule an appointment to bring in your documents
No documents should be taken to the school buildings unless our office specifically instructs you to do so
The following documents are required:
  • Child's Original Birth Certificate
  • Child's Immunization Record
  • 2 Forms of Proof of Residency
  • Photo ID or Parent/Guardian
  • Court/Custody Documentation, if applicable
  • Most Recent IEP/ETR/MFE, if applicable
4. You will receive an email from FinalForms after you have submitted all of your student's forms; 
Our office will contact you if any additional information is needed
Your child's registration in Niles City Schools is NOT COMPLETE until you submit ALL FORMS for your child AND provide ALL required documentation

5. You will receive an email from FinalForms after we have approved the enrollment
 Your email is triggered by our electronic approval of your online enrollment in FinalForms after all forms are signed and submitted and all documentation is received. 

6. You will be contacted by your child's school building regarding their start date, schedule, etc.
If you have questions regarding that information, please contact your child's school building directly

Acceptable Proofs of Residency

Please open the following form to see our Acceptable Proofs of Residency: 

Acceptable Proofs of Residency.pdf

Depending on your residency situation, you may be required to produce a notarized Residency Affidavit, Certificate of Tenancy, or Certificate of Dual Residency found below:

According to Ohio law, all kindergarten students must have the following immunizations prior to starting school.  Students who are not completely immunized will be excluded from school. 
  • 5 doses of DTaP vaccine
  • 4 doses of Polio vaccine 
  • 2 doses of MMR vaccine
  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
  • 2 doses of Varicella/Chickenpox vaccine
Kindergarten Registration 
Students who are age 5 by August 1, 2021 are eligible to register for Kindergarten in Niles City Schools for the 2021-2022 school year

Child Find
Niles City School District offers special education services for children ages 3-21. If you are concerned with the development of your child aged 3-5 and you are interested in educational services, please contact the Niles City School District's Office for the Education of Exceptional Children at (330) 989-5095, ext. 4012.
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