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District Hosts Inaugural Employee Health Fair
Employee Health Fair

In an effort to prioritize employee well-being, the Niles City School District hosted a comprehensive health fair aimed at enriching the lives of our dedicated staff members. The event, Health from A-Z, took place during the district's Convocation Day on August 25, 2023, and seamlessly blended education, engagement, and empowerment, and highlighted the district's commitment to supporting employees in all facets of their lives.

The Health Fair, organized by the district's finance department, embodied a holistic approach to wellness. With nearly 30 health, safety, and wellness vendors in attendance, employees were treated to information on a spectrum of topics ranging from physical health to mental well-being. Healthcare professionals were on hand to provide biometric screenings to check that cholesterol and glucose levels were in a healthy range. Massage therapists provided complimentary massages, P.A.W.S. therapy dogs were on hand for emotional support, and the American Heart Association provided CPR training. Additionally, local Jiu Jitsu instructors provided self-defense tactics and demonstrations.

Beyond its educational aspects, the health fair fostered a sense of community among NCSD staff. A nutritious breakfast provided by district food service provider, The Nutrition Group, got everyone energized for the day. Interactive activities such as axe throwing and basketball and volleyball games encouraged camaraderie, allowing colleagues to engage outside of their regular work routines. These opportunities for social interaction not only strengthen workplace relationships but also contribute to a more inclusive and supportive work atmosphere. 

"Supporting employee healthcare has been an important topic within our district recently and we wanted to do something to show our employees that their well-being matters," says Niles City Schools CFO Rhonda Amorganos. "As educators, administrators, and support staff, the collective effort of the school's employees directly impacts students' educational experiences. By offering resources and tools to enhance physical and mental health, our district is proud to invest in the long-term success of its employees and the students they guide."